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For Every 20-Somethin’ Gal

For Every 20-Somethin' Gal, LIFE

5 Things I Wish An Older Sister Taught Me

I grew up with two older brothers. I loved growing up with two older brothers. It means I got to brag that I had two older brothers that constantly picked on me, taught me how to get down and dirty (four-wheelin’) and to never take crap from a man. More importantly, my two brothers taught me how to stand up for myself. Honestly, still struggling with that one but in the most dire situations, I at least know how to stand up for what I  ...

For Every 20-Somethin' Gal

10 Hannah Montana Lyrics For The Gal Who Needs A Pick-Me-Up

I get it. Life can be hard sometimes, girl. And sometimes, you just need to jack up the volume and blast some good ole fashioned Hannah Montana. Yes, I said Hannah Montana. I’m going to see the Jonas Brothers in A MONTH, y’all. And I am super pumped for it. “I’m slipping into the lava. And I’m trying to keep from going under…” OK, this is a Hannah Montana post, but since I’ve been listening to  ...

For Every 20-Somethin' Gal

5 Tips For The Gal Who Is Decorating Her New Apartment

I recently just moved into my new apartment. Exciting, right?! Yeah, it was but also it was very stressful. Your first “big-girl” apartment is fun, adventurous, and completely new. You might have had college apartments, but it doesn’t get real until your first post-grad, real-world apartment. Before moving my stuff into my room, my empty room was small. And after moving everything in, it’s still small—but I learned  ...

For Every 20-Somethin' Gal

#RealTalk: Why Do We Compare Ourselves to Others?

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” You’ve probably heard of this saying, right? The old quote by then-President Theodore Roosevelt? You see writers, authors, and influencers reciting this quote almost every day. And yes, while it is motivational because well, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, it’s easier said than done. I struggle with comparison. I look at someone that’s close to me in age and I compare. I size up all our  ...

For Every 20-Somethin' Gal, LIFE

Stop Hustling and Start “Living in the Moment”

Let me be the first person to say: I hate the phrase “living in the moment.” I’m the type of person where I need to plan out at least three days in advance. A week or month in advance is a little too planning-crazy, but three days in advance is enough for me. However, when people say “live in the moment” or “focus on the present” I want to cringe. But … when I keep hearing the trend of  ...

For Every 20-Somethin' Gal

Here’s To The New College Grads, This One’s For You

I can’t believe it’s been ONE YEAR since I graduated from college. This one year has been a whirlwind of emotions and a rollercoaster that took me up and down several times. Trust me when I say I was not expecting this past year to be like this; I would never have expected that I end up here. To all the newly college grads or soon-to-be college grads, listen up. Let me explain how my “plan” didn’t turn out the  ...

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