Watch The Bachelorette? No? Then catch up now, with my recaps of weeks one through four. Don’t feel like reading those? Then at least you can relate to this season’s Bachelorette, Hannah Brown. Hannah is my favorite Bachelorette by far because simply, she is real and relatable to the “every girl.”

1. Laugh at yourself, be silly, and just have fun because you get one life.

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Hannah is bold, loud, and just plain weird…but she thrives in it. It’s a part of her personality—part of the reason why she’s my favorite Bachelorette ever. She laughs at herself, sings to herself (like my girl Jessica Day), and even Tyler C. (my favorite person ever) even called her “bold.” She even jams out to Lizzo on the reg. You go, Hannah.

2. Stand up for yourself when someone (or something) is tearing you down.

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YOU ARE YOUR OWN PERSON. No one can tell you what to do. With your body, with your career, with your life choices…you do you. Don’t let ANYONE say what you do, what you deserve, or what you can’t do.

3. Never be afraid of what people might think.

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It’s OK to be weird—TBH, embrace your inner weirdness and let it show. Dance it out, laugh, smile, and just have a good time. And DON’T be afraid of what people will think. Sometimes you just gotta shoot your shot and be yourself. The right people will come along and join you.

4. “Befumbled” is a word, y’all.

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Guys, this isn’t actually a word—what my Spell Check is telling me. But Hannah says so, so I’m using it. “I’m like befumbled right now…at this debate.” Haha, put in the comments below if you watched the debates (after The Bachelorette, of course). Befumbled: being confused, dumbfounded at a particular person, place, or event. Emphasis on the person. (I was befumbled by Luke P.’s boldness.)

5. University of Alabama is one of the greatest schools in the country.

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ROLL TIDE, y’all! Roll tide, roll tide, roll tide. Man, it’s like saying John Paul Jones three times fast. As Hannah’s Twitter bio reads: “I say roll tide an aggressive amount.” I mean, Virginia Tech is still the greatest school in the world. But I’ll give it to Hannah—Bama is good, too.

6. Anyone can surprise you.

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Whether it’s chicken nuggets, four times in a windmill, or a guy that won’t stay in his lane, anything (or anyone) can surprise you. But back to that age-old saying: when life gives you lemons, MOVE THE FREAKING STAND. And when someone surprised you, go back to #2 and stand up for yourself. Because girl, don’t let anyone steal your sparkle.

7. That no matter what, God is always by your side.

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Originally, I didn’t include this point—but Hannah’s faith really stood out to me this season. It’s one of the reasons why she’s the best Bachelorette ever, in my opinion. There were points during the season that Hannah was confused. There’s no doubt about that. But Hannah was very clear with her relationship with God—she openly talked about praying to God to get her through this season and to guide her heart. That’s a lesson we can ALL learn in finding a spouse. You might have no idea what you’re doing, but God is always by your side.

8. That you’re a queen, and you deserve the world.

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And damn, make sure you remind yourself that every day. Don’t settle for anything less. So pour one out and raise your glass because you are enough. You are worthy.


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