I recently just moved into my new apartment. Exciting, right?! Yeah, it was but also it was very stressful. Your first “big-girl” apartment is fun, adventurous, and completely new. You might have had college apartments, but it doesn’t get real until your first post-grad, real-world apartment.

Before moving my stuff into my room, my empty room was small. And after moving everything in, it’s still small—but I learned how to make the most out of my space. Now, as I’m writing this post, I’m sitting in my small but cozy room.

For a small room, only get the essentials.

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And when I mean essentials, I do not mean the large Victorian chair that your family has kept for generations. I mean the dresser, nightstand, and of course, your bed. Don’t have a four-poster bed, but a simple bed spring and headboard will do. Fortunately, I can fit a stand-up large mirror in my room alongside the other essentials, but that’s about all I need. Do not clutter your room with three extra hampers, two shoe racks, and for pete’s sake, do not try to cram one of those clothing racks. They might be trendy in a Manhattan studio, but in your tiny room, it’ll just look cluttered.

Invest in personal, vintage artwork.

Artwork will add flavor, colors, and your own personal touch to YOUR room. When I was apartment shopping, I immediately wanted to grab art from Target, Home Goods, or TJ Max. And yes, I might’ve gotten a few small pieces from there. However, when shopping for art pieces, I highly recommend going to thrift stores, art galleries, or even farmer’s market if yours near you has some options! Because the more “vintage,” the better, in my opinion.

Throw in some throw pillows.

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Catch that pun? Betcha’ you did. Throw pillows will tie your room together. Mix and match, don’t just get shams and pillow cases. Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, even your local Goodwill/Salvation Army has cheap yet good quality pillows.

A rug can do wonders.

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My apartment came with beige carpet and actually—I kind of love it. It’s soft beneath my feet so when I come home after a long day in heels, I am thrilled that my feet can BREATHE. And so I have beige carpet in my room. What did I do? I got this lovely blue carpet from Home Goods, just a small blue carpet right between my bed and my bathroom. It’s the first thing my feet touch when I get out of bed in the morning, and not to be cheesy or anything, but it brightens my day only by just a little.

Invest in multi-functional storage.

I don’t have a lot of room in my apartment. That being said, I couldn’t fit my bookshelf or giant tubs in my room. What did I do? Naturally, I put all my books in the living room. (My roommate didn’t mind!) However, I did put my books in my night stand, stuffed my dresser with all the clothes worth folding, and the best part—hid my “junk” in tubs that are tucked away in the corner of the room. It isn’t clutte—it holds my pillows, the same pillows I throw off my bed when I’m getting ready to sleep.

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Let me know how your apartment decorating adventures go! I’d love to see if anyone else is struggling to still decorate their apartment. Let’s share ideas, shall we?



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