Stop Hustling and Start “Living in the Moment”

Let me be the first person to say: I hate the phrase “living in the moment.” I’m the type of person where I need to plan out at least three days in advance. A week or month in advance is a little too planning-crazy, but three days in advance is enough for me. However, when people say “live in the moment” or “focus on the present” I want to cringe.

But … when I keep hearing the trend of “hustling,” I pause. Hustle and work hard mean two different things; working hard is important! It teaches valuable work ethic. However, you know what’s equally as important? Slowing down. Without saying “living in the moment,” I want this blog post to be all about slowing down, keeping to a normal schedule, and knowing when to stop the “hustle.”

Hustling vs. working hard.

There are some days where I just need to get stuff done. I am slightly bit of a procrastinator, but not THAT bad. But I don’t make it my mission to get stuff done all day, every day. Trust me, I know how to take breaks and watch Game of Thrones, the current show I’m watching. There IS a difference between hustling and working hard. When I type in “hustle” in Google search bar, I get this: “force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction.” Don’t get me wrong, hustle can also be a lying and cheating scheme (cue Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson’s new movie The Hustle), but that’s not the meaning I’m talking about here. Hustle is forcing you to move hurriedly in a specified direction. Huh? When you hustle to get something done, it’s in a forced manner and your work can come out sloppy and even unfinished. So, when you’re trying to get a project done for school, complete a work assignment, or cross something off your to-do list, take time to really work hard on the project. Your work will pay off when you take a breath, keep to a normal schedule, and take breaks within that schedule. Can I just repeat this quote from my high school show choir: “work hard beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Can I get an AMEN?!

Live in the present.

I don’t like saying that, but it really is applicable. Live in the present! Wait, how do I live in the present? First things first, you gotta just learn how to pause. You know how when you’re watching YouTube videos and all of a sudden, you get that buffering symbol? The one that lets you know the Internet is shoddy? Yeah, that one. You want to hate it, but it’s a subtle reminder (from God hehe) letting you know to take a pause on your own life. You can hustle all you want, work hard, and do all the things, but if you don’t pause, take a breath, and take in all your beautiful surroundings (even if it is your beautifully-decorated room), then you’ll lose sight of your goal—whatever that may be.

So put down your to-do list, step away from the computer, and relax. Because girl, you deserve it.


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