May Favorites & Blogging in 2019

I did a similar list-type post way back when (last year to be exact), and I generally love writing listicles. Soooo naturally, I’m going to write another one! And I’ve been loving a few different things, so here’s a “May Favorites” (insert Justin Timberlake meme here). 

Listening To: 

I just signed up for Spotify Premium, like this morning. Yep, I did that. And I totally don’t regret it! Honestly, I thought I would have because I am a diehard Apple fanatic. (Apple, pls sponsor me.) However, I recently just received a Google Home Assistant, and the only music streaming services it could link with is Spotify and YouTube music. No Apple Music 🙁 So, I joined Spotify Premium.

I am so glad that the Jonas Brothers have come back, but it’s not the same era they were uber popular in. No no, the “JoBros” fanbase is in a different age, aka the twenty-somethings or Gen Z group.

I’ve been loving Shawn Mendes and Selena Gomez recently. Yes, I know I’m a diehard country music fan, but Shawn Mendes’s song “If I Can’t Have You” has been on repeat since he appeared on SNL. Like seriously guys…I’m obsessed with this song. He is 20, and I’m 22, so I feel like crushing on a guy that’s 2 years younger is a little bit of a stretch for me, but I still dig his music. 


I started “The Alice Network” and it’s good so far! Trying to read a lot more than I watch TV, I think this book will give me a jumpstart into my summer reading. I have a HUGE list of books to read this summer, so why not……..start a hashtag to motivate me?? How about… #YepThatsReading ? What? Too cheesy?


I started Game of Thrones. AHHH. No spoilers, please. I’m just about to finish season 4, and that’s an accomplishment considering I started watching season 1 a month ago. I can’t watch it religiously. I just can’t. I have to devote all my time and energy into it, and I just have other things to do. But I try to watch an episode or two when I climb into bed (shh, I know that’s bad!). I do like this show. It’s definitely NOT my cup of tea, but I still am enjoying it. Now that the season finale aired and maybe a week from now the conversation will die down and I can watch it in peace. 

I’m also watching The Bachelorette this season! And if you really do read my blog, you’ll know that I am writing recaps of this season! If you want to catch up, or just know my thoughts and opinions and start a debate on who’s the most attractive (Peter the Pilot), then here it is!


I am actually loving the black pencil skirt! I wear a straight black pencil skirt once or twice a week, and it’s super comfortable. It’s not tight, nor short, and I can pair it either with a short or long top. AND I can either pair it with heels or flats. It’s the equivalent of a simple black T-shirt or little black dress. 

(I did link this black skirt to ModCloth. I am in no way being sponsored by them, I just wanted to provide a link to where you can buy a cute, fun pencil skirt for work! You can also buy from Target, H&M, and Forever 21. Try finding some at thrift stores — you never know what you’ll find!) 


Because I’m watching The Bachelorette, I am following all of the live tweeters for this show (aka, they garner a lot of likes and their tweets are genuinely funny and relatable). Some include Tanner Tolbert, Sean Lowe, Brett S. Vergara, and other notable Bachelor Nation alumni. 

Now Instagram is a funny thing. I make it a rule where if I haven’t talked to you in at least five years, I probably will never talk to you again — so, I unfollow you (unless you’re my BFF or family). I love seeing my friends genuinely happy on Instagram. But my favorite thing to see on Instagram is the bloggers who post real, genuine content. Blogging can be “controversial” and taken out of context, but really it takes guts to be a blogger in 2019. Some people can look down on you or think that you have the easiest job in the world, but in reality blogging can take long hours and a lot of hard work. I mean, I consider myself a “part-time blogger” just because I’m inconsistent and don’t put in nearly the hours that other bloggers put in. 

Lemme link down below the bloggers I follow and give them the recognition and credit they so deserve: 

The Emily Edition 

Emily posts truly authentic content. She is a fashion blogger, but she is so much more than that! She posts lifestyle, fashion, and even faith content. She keeps it real and is one of my blogging role models. 

Kayla Blogs 

LOVE her book reviews. I’m reading “The Alice Network” right now because I saw it on her Instagram story, read the description, and right then and there, drove to Target to pick it up. But she posts post-grad lifestyle, grad school lifestyle, book reviews, “plan with me” articles, and more! True, real, and genuine. 

Gabby in the City 

One of the very first bloggers that motivates me to continue blogging, I seriously love this blog! It’s my go-to blog whenever I want to read something fresh. Previously “The Swirl,” Gabby talks about her life in NYC, grad school, college, style, beauty, and of course, coffee. Her Instagram is SO aesthetically pleasing. My absolute favorite post she’s ever written is this one right here

Pastor Steven Furtick 

Not really an Instagram “influencer,” but I love his sermons. Whenever I stay home from church (what? I do that, too!), I tune in to Elevation Church live stream. Full of energy and eager to serve the Lord, his Instagram is filled with Scripture and passion for the Lord that motivates me to open up my own Bible. 



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