15 Truths I Want My Future Husband To Know

I need alone time to recharge.

I am a self-proclaimed introvert. That being said, I can’t be around people 24/7. I get tired, cranky, and retreat into myself. When I get that way, I don’t just want to be alone — I need to be alone. For the sake of everyone involved, lol.

It’s stressful for me to be around a huge crowd of people. I lose interest, I get scared of what people are thinking about me. It’s not like I’ll retreat into a corner and shy away from the rest of the crowd, but if I don’t get some battery life in me, then I will retreat into a corner and shy away from the rest of the crowd.

I need reassurance sometimes.

Not all the time, but sometimes I just need someone to offer me words of support. My love language is words of affirmation, so a few words saying I’m beautiful and whatnot would be greatly appreciated. Again, I’m an introvert and probably won’t ask for these, so it would be great if you remembered 🙂 But speaking of reassurance…

…I have insecurities.

I might be overwhelmed. I might be stressed (jk, I will be stressed). I might be afraid sometimes to go after what I really want like a new promotion or even a new career path. I want you to be that person for me to help me realize my full potential and tell me I can do this. I need that.

In this year (before we even met), I’m really working on negative self-talk and trying to be better towards myself. No bringing my insecurities to the forefront. When I get like that, when I talk myself down, I need you to talk me up. It might sound dumb, but trust me — I need it even when I say I don’t need it. When I call myself fat, say I have no common sense when I mess something up, or compare myself to someone like Kendall Jenner or another Instagram model, LIFT ME UP. TELL ME I’M SMART, BEAUTIFUL, WORTHY. POINT ME IN THE DIRECTION OF JESUS!!!

I will always love God more than anything or anyone.

This is key to remember. If you’re a man of God, then this will be the same for you. God will always come first. My relationship with Him will always come before our relationship.

Every morning before I touch my phone, I pull out my Bible, notebook, and highlighters. I grab my coffee and dive into the Word. If you’re going to be my husband, Jesus is going to be the #1 man in my life. If you’re going to be my husband, you’ll understand that because Jesus will be the #1 in your life, too. Any successful marriage has God at the forefront.

I believe trust + honesty are the two most important things in a relationship (besides God, of course).

Never. tell. a. lie. Didn’t George Washington and Abraham Lincoln say that? Well, I follow the same rule. Honesty is always the best policy, even if it hurts. There are rare occurrences where you might have to tell a little white lie, but this is only in the 0.01%. Honesty and trust go hand-in-hand. All I ask is that we tell the truth to each other.

You better know how to cook, unless we’re eating takeout for the rest of our lives.

I can barely cook Ramen. Now, I know some recipes like making tacos and spaghetti, but that’s about it. Either take a cooking class or adjust to surviving on takeout. Hey, I’d love to order pizza & Chinese twice a week!

We can take a cooking class together! It will be a part of our #marriageadventuresbeforekids.

You’re my resident photographer which means you take pictures of me anytime, anywhere.

Haha, if I’m going to continue this blog, then my Instagram is going to get a whole lot better with the #photog skills. Thanks to my husband, aka my residential photographer.

I’ll choose a night-in over going out any day.

This is hands-down. I’d much rather stay in wearing my comfy pajama pants and share a bottle of red wine while watching Grey’s Anatomy and/or The Bachelor. Now that sounds like a good time. 🙂 But that’s not saying I want to stay in EVERY night. I like the idea of planning a date night once a week where we get dressed up in fancy clothes and you make a reservation at a fancy restaurant and we gorge ourselves on the most expensive item and joke about the old times. But hey — I’d be down for date night at Cookout, TBH. Mix it up, ya know?

It’s OK if we fight.

In any relationship, couples fight. Couples argue. Honestly, I would be shocked if we didn’t argue. I’m not saying let’s have an all-out screaming match every night, but let’s challenge each other from time to time. Just don’t yell at me for bringing home a dog every week or watching The Bachelor over that Monday Night Football thing.

I already have our kids’ names picked out.

Christopher, Augusta…don’t even bother picking up the 100 List of Baby Names at the bookstore. I got that figured out for ya. You better provide the last name that’s easy to pronounce and that will go well with the names I picked out. Hehe. But speaking of kids…

…I want to be 100000% ready to have kids, even if that means waiting.

I mean, I don’t want to pop out kids as soon as the preacher pronounces us man and wife. I want to have our own life before we begin the great adventure of having kids. Let’s travel, take cooking classes, and go to wine festivals. Let’s just enjoy being married without kids for a while. When we finally are on the same page, we can talk about it.

You’ll be my Carpool Karaoke buddy.

I mean, we have to sing along to every TS song. It’s like, a requirement to be my husband to know TS lyrics. You’ll be my Troy to my Gabriella when we sing “Start of Something New.” We’ll vlog it and put it up on YouTube and be known as “that couple” who sings together. The couple who sings together stays together. And when we have kids, they can join in on the fun too!!

Dogs are a must-have in our household.

Um, like…honey I’ll bring a dog on the way home from the grocery store. Don’t mind if I do…

My family means the world to me, and that includes your family now, too.

We’ll always visit each other’s families. My family is your family. Your family is my family. End of discussion.

Whatever happens, I will always love you.

We’re human. We make mistakes. No matter what we do or say, I will always come back to you. As long as we have God on our side, our relationship is forever and ever, Amen (cheesy, I know).

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