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5 Things I Wish An Older Sister Taught Me

I grew up with two older brothers. I loved growing up with two older brothers. It means I got to brag that I had two older brothers that constantly picked on me, taught me how to get down and dirty (four-wheelin’) and to never take crap from a man. More importantly, my two brothers taught me how to stand up for myself. Honestly, still struggling with that one but in the most dire situations, I at least know how to stand up for what I  ...

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The Books That I Read In August

I read a total of 3 books in August. That’s like, impressive y’all. I’m really getting back into my reading groove—a groove that I had BEFORE COLLEGE. I have to admit, college really distracted me from reading for pleasure. But since I graduated, I’ve developed a habit in decorating my bookshelves. Follow along with me on Goodreads (link below) and with these books I’ve read in August! “Park Avenue  ...


Brace Yourselves: Dancing with the Stars Is Returning To Our TV Screens

Dancing with The Stars has come back, and it’s coming back swinging. I’ve watched Dancing with the Stars religiously since season two. I remember sitting down on the couch, with my mom, and gossiping over who missed what dance step (even though I have two left feet) and what star is going to win. From season one to season 28, DWTS does not disappoint. Even when Bobby Bones and pro dancer Sharna Burgess won last season and it became a  ...


20 College Essentials for Every Incoming Freshman

Most of you are going back to school this month. For some, you’re already in school. Either way, for those of you going away to college, you’re probably wondering what essentials do I bring to my new dorm room? I was in your shoes once, just a quick five years ago. And yes, I did over pack. (Just ask my mom.) I also had to go out and buy more necessary items that I didn’t already have. How do you pack for college? And how does one pack  ...


8 Things Hannah Brown From The Bachelorette Can Teach Us About Life and Love

Watch The Bachelorette? No? Then catch up now, with my recaps of weeks one through four. Don’t feel like reading those? Then at least you can relate to this season’s Bachelorette, Hannah Brown. Hannah is my favorite Bachelorette by far because simply, she is real and relatable to the “every girl.” 1. Laugh at yourself, be silly, and just have fun because you get one life. Hannah is bold, loud, and just plain  ...

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10 Hannah Montana Lyrics For The Gal Who Needs A Pick-Me-Up

I get it. Life can be hard sometimes, girl. And sometimes, you just need to jack up the volume and blast some good ole fashioned Hannah Montana. Yes, I said Hannah Montana. I’m going to see the Jonas Brothers in A MONTH, y’all. And I am super pumped for it. “I’m slipping into the lava. And I’m trying to keep from going under…” OK, this is a Hannah Montana post, but since I’ve been listening to  ...